The legendary twins, Romy and Sari Lightman are coming to visit the gentle danes.
They have left the busy buzz of Toronto behind, and are once again placing their soft feet in the grass of Europe.
Past meetings have left our homes filled with the smell of rosemary, tales of ghosts and long forgotten stories, and left us with a vibrant sweet tone in our chests.
This summer it will happen again - and we invite you all to take part!
The concert will take place at a magical overgrown bunker Mount, placed at the outskirts of Copenhagen, where the crows turn, and the sea is close.
On this evening, we will do our best to make them and you feel welcomed. And as the sun will set, and the night creeps in, we will light a fire on the beacon hill.
There will of course be a bar with fine elixirs and simmering liquids. Bring your friends and family and come and make this a magical evening to remember. We truly hope to see you!
Warm hugs from Valdemar, Tobias and Sigrid


If you find yourself taking a second look at these faces, wondering if and where you have seen them before, it might be from their time as part of the band AUSTRA. Earlier, they have released their dreamy, mystical music under the moniker Ghost Bees. As Tasseomancy, they have recently released their sophomore album Palm Vine Revisited, from which they will play us songs on this evening. The album is inspired by This Mortal Coils It'll End In Tears and sees the addition of Evan Cartwright on percussion/steel pan and Johnny Spence on keyboards.

Reviewers write:

Like sirens of the underworld, Tasseomancy entices you to follow them into a shadowy unfamiliar realm. You willingly follow because their magnetic pull is stronger than any fear or trepidation you may have.

Palm Wine Revisited is an enchanting and rewarding listen that transports you to an exotic and mystical land for half an hour and change, but the Lightmans don't need a particularly long time to work their magic. You'll find yourself returning to this record again and again to relive its charm.



SUNDAY, JULY 5th 2015

at 20:00.


Door is 60 kr.